About Courtney

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Courtney Erker is a Doula based out of Salida, in the Arkansas Valley of Colorado. Courtney trained with Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA) in April of 2017, Spinning Babies in August of 2019 and finished her Birth Doula certification through Madriella in October 2020 and is passionate about continuing her education in supporting families through the transition of birth.

Courtney became a doula after working with a group of single mothers with intellectual disabilities who had children of their own. Their stories didn’t include words like power, beauty and strength like others had described their births. Courtney recognized a way to combine her practice as a behavior analyst and skills as a doula to support this population and others, as every family deserves to feel empowered as they bring new life into the world. Courtney has served over 55 birthing people and continues to love working with families of all backgrounds and has emerging Spanish language skills. She appreciates spending time with families before baby arrives to develop a trusting and caring relationship to best assist families in this big transition.

In her free time, Courtney is enjoying spending time getting to know Salida and the mountains that surround her with her dog, Maybel by hiking, skiing, and biking. She enjoys cooking and frequenting the coffee shop nearby after yoga.

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