Fees & Insurance

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For birth clients, Zippity Doula currently accepts private pay clients on a sliding scale based on income and situation, with the typical setup including 2 prenatals, continuous labor support, and 2 postnatal appointments at $950.

Zippity Doula seeks to support Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) and understands the role of a doula can be a layer of support in a health system that is currently failing people of color, and therefore will provide the full birth doula package for $600, though no family will be turned away for lack of funds.


For individual overnight care sessions (8-12 hours per night) care is provided at $35 per hour with an 8 hour minimum. Overnight clients should be within 30 minutes of Salida.


For individual days of postpartum care, 2-hour blocks can be booked at $40 per hour.


Lactation support is individualized to you and your baby’s needs. In-person and online consultations can be provided for $35 per hour. Reach out to learn more about breastfeeding/chest-feeding support.


Courtney will pick up placentas from any location in Chaffee County and encapsulate it, paired with a print and umbilical cord keepsake for $200. The pills and keepsakes will be returned within 72 hours of receiving the placenta.

Please feel free to reach out and talk with Courtney about special circumstances- Zippity Doula aims to serve all women and families in need. Payment plans are available to ensure it is affordable for your family.

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